Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Apple Dress

After church Sunday, Kathryn brought Ellery over for a visit and dinner. Austin was recuperating from a little bug that hit him.
E was wearing a new dress that I finished last month, and she looked so cute in it.
Here is the front piece after I finished smocking it. It is a simple geometric pattern in white and the darker of the greens in the fabric. It is then finished with an embroidered double petal stitch that makes the green stand out a bit.

I also smocked the back of the bodice to match the front, and made white baby piping to trim the collar, cuffs, and yoke.
I got this great idea from my cousin/niece who just had an adorable baby girl. The ruffle buns add so much to the outfit, don't you agree?
GPa and Katz took E outside for the photo shoot and the day was again an amazing one. What do you think of that green prickly stuff, E?
Sitting in the apple tree. Quite exciting stuff, wouldn't you say? If you want to see more of this cute little one, her mom writes a blog too.


  1. LOVE the dress! And yes, the ruffled bum definitely adds to the ensemble...always been a fan of ruffles on a little girl's behind. So darling!

    You make the most AMAZING things!!

  2. Oh that is such a darling dress (& Granddaughter)! I love the apple pattern!

  3. I just can't believe the things you can make. And the smocking!! So cute.

    The wearer of your dress is pretty adorable, too.


  4. our next like 3 posts are gonna be pretty identical! great pics as always daddy-o!

  5. LOVE the dress mama! and very cute having her sit in the trees =) too talented