Thursday, November 26, 2009

Oh, You're Supposed to SET THE TIMER?

Last night as I was just heading off to bed, I heard a familiar sound in the background of the kitchen. It was telling me my oven was on and.....OH NO.... the pies were still in it.

It had been at least 2 hours, and after painstakingly making the pies I had just cleaned up and forgotten about them.

This isn't the first time I haven't set the timer. I probably do it about half the time. The other half I think, "Oh, at 8:47 I need to take these out of the oven." Or something like that anyway.
The Hubby even asked very politely if I needed a timer. I said "I'll get it."

The fruit pie is SOLID and the pumpkin crusts have separated about 1 inch from the sides of the dish.

So this am I made a pecan pie.

.... and another pumpkin with the 1/2 can I have left.

If you remember correctly, I always do things the hard way.  I roast cute little pumpkins (I used to boil them/steam them etc. but roasting works better and brings out the flavor more) My favorite pie squash is a green/gray "Sweet Meat Squash" but I don't find the as often as I used to. Hey, maybe I'll grow a couple next year.
So my kitchen looks as if a bomb went off.

Now, on to the rolls.

Oh, BTW, I did set the time this time.

Check this out.


  1. LOL! My pie was fine last night but this morning Ray had to clean and stuff the bird because for some reason the smell of the raw turkey kept triggering that thing in the back of my throat that usually only the dentist can reach! Your new pies look delicious!

  2. I forget my timer sometimes, too. Never a good thing.

    Sorry that happened to your beautiful pies, but hey...Good recovery!