Monday, October 19, 2009

Decor Galore

I like decorating for the holidays, but also save EVERYTHING so i don't have to buy again or spend my time recreating.

Here are some examples of things we've accumulated around here for the fall Halloween season.

My seestor Kathy made this kitchen witch for me about 20 years ago. She rides through the air on a long wooden stirring spoon. Notice the wall plaque to the left with halloween decals gesso'd onto it. I made this at R.S. homemaking night about that long ago too.

I picked this up at the San Francisco gift fair a few years ago. Michelle Walton used to take me and we would spend our cash on some fun stuff like this punch bowl.

... and the glass mugs on the left top of this display.

... and this is probably my favorite. We bought these cool black feather tree's for hanging these awesome glass ornaments.  Because I like Christmas ornaments so much, this really fits my taste and is unique at the same time.

Just look at this Teddy Bear all decked out as a Witch. Isn't she just perfect?

I can't forget all the fun things my kids have brought home from school over the years. This little ghost isn't so young himself.
I also have great fall leaves all over the shelves, tables and counters. They add to the ambiance greatly.

Let's not forget the extensive wood painting that we did in R.S. in the 80's. These cats and pumpkin have been lurking around our house for probably 25 years.

This is another reversible fall wall hanging.  I think it is very clever.

Are you completely sick of this yet? I made these wonderful ghosts while still in college, at the art shop in the student union building. What a dork. But aren't they cute?

Lexy is quite the stylist. I think we are having fun trying on the witch head band.

Lena looks pretty adorable in it, don't you think?

So, after seeing a smattering of my fun house at Halloween, you probably think I'm a bit of a freak. But I just want you to know there are far more obsessed people out there.

People who spend all their time on what to do for "All Hallows Eve".

I found this site by clicking on "next blog" up in the left hand top side of my blog. I've done this a couple other times before and have been directed to sites that are in other languages, etc. I just thought this one was bizarre. I didn't know there was a whole group of people out there that had halloween as their first interest in life.
Velly Interesting.
Just thought you should know.


  1. Thanks for the blog link. Very...edifying...


    PS. Your decorations are darling! I think you've inspired me to drag my Halloween ones down from the attic and get busy, now that I have electricity and all. I'm afraid I'm rather behind this year on all things haunted. Except the candy, of course. I've already bought that!

  2. I can't get over Lena in that headband... too cute :)

  3. kind of a random post here but you know i'm always lovin on you holiday decor.

  4. Love your decorations! I do the same thing around our place and add something new each year. This seems to be a skeleton year around the house. :)