Saturday, January 30, 2010

No Need to Rush?

....but this is a little ridiculous.
Last year my friend asked me to do a little sewing project for her and at that time I just set the sack of fabric to be edged in my sewing room. I looked at it every now and then, thinking "When I'm done with this and that, I'll get to it."

Well a couple weeks ago, I had some house guests that needed to use the murphy bed in the sewing/guest room and so I moved everything off the floor of the sewing room and into my bathroom. (I have a rather large bathroom). I moved the 2 sewing cabinets that house my regular sewing machine and my serger, I also moved all the projects and boxes of materials for completing those projects into my bathroom. There were a lot of piles of miscellaneous stuff in my formerly pristine sanctuary.

I vowed that I would not just move them willy nilly back into the sewing room, but rather I would finish up all the little projects that I had placed on the back-burner until I had time. I thought that this would force me to get it all cleaned up.

My goal was to complete all these projects in a couple of weeks. So... in the past couple of weeks I have finished all the baby blankets that I had the materials for, all the ironing, all the mending, updating of an old "Quiet Book" for children at church, and finally I finished my friends serged table covers.
This was the last project left in my bathroom, and now I have restored it, to the relief of The Hubby, back to its former glory.

My sewing room is far more orderly now, and all the to do's semi-neatly tucked behind the doors of the closet, or in cupboards within the room.

My friend had completely forgotten about the sack of table runners she had placed in my care, but I think she can actually use them again in a couple of months for her son's wedding. Who knew?

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  1. It must have felt great to get all of that done! And how funny that you're giving your friend stuff she'd long since forgotten about.

    (That's one good thing about my new forgetfulness. It makes for some lovely surprises.)