Sunday, January 31, 2010

Roof II

The new roof went on pretty fast. Here you see the jacks on the garage roof all ready for the solar panel rails. They painted all the sheet metal brown to match the roof.
Here is a view from the back patio. Gutters all on and things all neat and tidy. By January 11 everything looked hunky-dory.
Now after a couple more storms it is the last week of January and time for the solar panels to go up.
Here are the 30 on the garage roof.
And the 12 more on the other side of the house above the master bathroom.

The converters for the new solar to electricity.

The meters from the old electricity.
This is the house from the front. The panels are on the sides of the view, and they are definitely in plain view as you enter the driveway, but from the actual front of the house they don't show much. 
Not too bad for a 3 month long job. The garage is looking nearly back to normal with cars parked inside and everything.


  1. My parents just did this to their home. It was quite an expense, but they figure they will recoup it in the end. I would be interested to hear how this works for you, and to what degree you are able to cover your electrical needs with the solar.

    As for the appearance, I don't think it detracts from the look of your home at all.


  2. i hated those water solar panels,these are much cleaner looking. sorry ike & the miata added to your chaos. roof looks great!

  3. Well your roof sure looks nice. Hope you're happy with the solar and that it saves you lost of $$ :)

  4. i like the new roof mama!! and those are some heavy duty solar panels... WOW~ but i agree with kath, much better looking than the pool ones we had on the front before... good thing you dont have me there still playing one on one vs the roof in vball =)