Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy, Happy Birthday Children Dears

We have had three, (oh wait, there was a REAL birthday in there too) I mean 4 birthdays celebrated by our little family in the past 2 1/2 weeks.  First Elles turned one, then the little fighter Luke was born, (if that's not a birthday you'll have to take it up with his Mom), then my middle child, and finally 2 yr. old Lena.
Such a lot of partying and eating, and singing going on around here.
Don't you just LOVE these curly locks?
The performance of waiting till we were finished singing to then perfectly blow out her 2 little candles was truly magnificent. At one point in the song, she thought we were almost finished and she started leaning over to give a big blow. But when we continued singing, our smart little girl sat back in her chair and waited for the song to officially end before she blew out the first and then the subsequent second candle.
So cute!
She's also a pro at opening her presents. I think Christmas being so close helps them understand pretty quickly what to do with a wrapped item.
Her cousin is becoming a pro at drinking out of a cup. GPa wasn't helping except to catch the cup when she decided she'd had enough.  Good job E!
You too GPa!


  1. Love these pics. Cute, cute, cute!


  2. Too much cake! Sounds like we'll have a lull for
    a bit so maybe that will help with your 50 lbs goal. My goal is less than 50 lbs gain this year! :)