Saturday, February 6, 2010

Photoshopped Iron-on Transfer

I added to the DCH' s Christmas tree skirt yesterday. I made them this skirt at the beginning of their marriage and left blank spaces for yearly updates such as pictures or changes of address. It'll take them through 20 years or so.
Well I wanted to put a picture of the little girls with the Christmas dresses I made, and the Christmas before the addition of another sibling (lil bro. Luke)
So I started with the main picture turned backwards (because I'm ironing it onto a cloth after printing it off. Therefore the printed version has to be a MIRROR image)
I then added embellishments of snowflakes and diamond sequins for a wintery affect.
(is that the right effect??)
I also thought I'd put the date in the picture for a cute affect and had to have that mirrored as well.
Here is the finished printable picture with all the embellishment.

After ironing it onto the cotton muslin, it is flipped to look like this. I do wonder how long the image will last on the fabric.
I still think they are the cutest little girlies ever. 


  1. They are definitely among the cutest girls ever, and this is the cutest idea ever!

    (I don't suppose you would consider adopting a craft-deficient woman who is several years older than yourself??)