Sunday, February 28, 2010

Goin' To The Semi's

Michael and his team played in the quarter finals last night and won without a hitch. We came out in good form and overcame them big in the second quarter 28-12 to get to a final score of 71-57.
Michael got up for a three point shot here.
..... and here.
The Hubby gets nice shots of other players too. Dionte was also on fire.
Michael was also on tap for a few nice assists.
Another 3 !!!
.... and 1.    Eleven times. Yes, he had 11 free throws. Made oh, ...  11 of them.
His cheerleading section was there for all 28 of his points.
He had some nice drives for lay-ups as well.
Ben (from the other team, and previous post) also had a good game, and they had good interaction at the end of their last competition together as Ben fouled out.  A tear in everyones eye, knowing that it is the end of these cute boys b-ball careers.
My friend, another mom from our team, said, "It's just right there," placing her index finger right up to the top of her throat. "It's just right there."


  1. Well, I can't believe it - little Michael. I'm gonna have to get out that cute pic of him wrestling with Craig & Tom when he was about 2 years old. Sorry I never have seen him play!

  2. He looks like a great player.

    I remember those last games mine played. And I think your friend described that lump in the throat feeling perfectly.