Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saints Win

This post is not about the big game, but thought it was a nice sentiment that the "Saint's Win." They (the saints that is) actually should win every time, but sometimes have to wait until judgement day to find that out.  tee hee
I am slowly figuring out just how to embellish my pictures through Photoshop to place in a blurb book. If I get one done before Michael graduates in June, I will be proud of myself.
Here are a couple of pages I put together of one (yes, just 1) play from a game a couple of weeks ago.
Obviously a two page layout of 3 seconds in time. The Hubby captures it very well with his Nikon D3.
I left out about 3 shots in the series, cause I felt like I didn't want them to be 2x2 pictures.
Michael jukes this kid pretty good.
Most of my creative time was spent on where and how to save the pages after I completed them. Macs are great and terrible, just like the end of the earth will be. I finally settled on saving the pages to desktop and then dragging them into a Photoshop Bridge folder for safe keeping. I think it should be easier to save them where I want them, but I could not figure it out


  1. Those pages looks great! And I agree about your Saints sentiments. ;)


    PS. I was also glad the New Orleans Saints won...Seems like they could use a little good fortune around there.

  2. You are very Armageddon-esque in this post. Nice use of the word juke. Go Wildcats!