Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Last

Tonight is Michael's last home game. So sad for all of us.
Last Wednesday was his pretend last home game, because there is no school this week so they decided to have "Senior Night" before winter break. All his biggest fans came out to watch.
Check out the basketball ribbons on that cute little girl.
Steph flew in from Salty Lake for the event. (She also got to meet her new nephew for an added bonus.)
The Hubby handed over his camera to S, and the lens was not quite right for a long range shot of all the seniors and their parents. This ain't bad though. Luke Politi, Jeff Spagnola, Michael, & Matty Calhoun with all their moms and dad's. You just can't quite see Debbie P. and John C. on the ends. Sorry.
Got us good though. Boy I have big hair, what's that all about. Why doesn't someone tell me to calm it down.
There were also posters around the room.  Go #24 Hodge!
Now, "play ball," as Grandpa Kelly would say.


  1. I remember how bittersweet this all was. Great pics! And you look almost the same age as your daughters!


  2. I'm loving the blonde big hair - really! you look wonderful.