Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines Cookies

Lexy came over and helped decorate heart cookies yesterday. I had pre-made the dough, rolled out and cooked the heart and hand cookies earlier in the day and then went to pick her up.
We mixed the Royal Icing and colored it first. She thought that would never end. But then we started doing the fun part.
She settled right into it, squeezing the bottle of icing and trying to squeeze the old school bag of icing. The plastic bottle was far easier to use. We borrowed it from Aunt Katz and returned it in worse shape than we got it. (I lost the little closer on the top of the bottle - I'm thinking it is in a safe place in my kitchen, but I'll probably have to replace it. Scatterbrained, did you say?)
After we were done, and everyone else came to play with us, we had a little tea party with hot chocolate and cookies and my new tea pot that goes with my new china. I'll show that better later.
Here is one of the favorite styles of cookies that we did. Yum.
Katz and Steph finished up the decorating of the cookies.
They seem to have developed patience and talent over the years. Good job girls!
And thanks to 4 year old granddaughters who enjoy kitchen time with Gramvi.

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  1. You are so lucky to have them close so you can do stuff like this! And the cookies look yummy!