Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One Year Old

Just got home from the birthday party of our youngest (for another couple weeks) grandchild. Such a cute little unassuming little girlie. We were treated to a fun and tasty dinner with the whole California Hodgman contingency. The birthday girls' mother also made a beautiful cake with brightly multi-colored dots and stripes made of fondant and two types of cake with filling. Here's a link to her post about it, so you can see a picture of the dandy looking cake.
I made her a couple of knitted garments.

This is the little magenta tunic dress that I just finished. I think it will look cute with a long sleeved onesie and leggings.

Pretty little lacy bodice as well as the bottom detail. It was a little tricky, because I had to pay attention that the stitches were correct especially until I understood how the pattern was coming together.

Sometimes laces are not as logical as the pattern is being started, but after several rows you figure out that you need to do a y/o (yarn over) for a hole in the design before or after the one on the previous row. For instance, on this pattern, you were to make a wedge in the lace every 20 stitches, so the next row you move it in on both sides to 18 stitches and the middle area between gets 3 stitches instead of 1. Then the next row is 16 and 5, the next is 14 and 7, etc. on down so there are always 21 stitches in the sequence.
Get it??? Sometimes I don't, but most of the time you can see it after a few rows.

I also gave her a funky little sweater and hat that I made a few years ago (probably four) They are odd sized, but I think she can wear them for a while on an irregular basis.

 I love the design and originality of this wide, frilly, yet geometrically argyle cardigan.

....and I designed a hat to match. Check out the curly cue's on the hats top. Too cute. Sometime I'll post a picture of the recipient wearing the articles of clothing.
She will make them cute even if they don't fit quite right.
Happy birthday Ells Bells, and have a wonderful 2nd year.


  1. You are a one-woman baby boutique. Seriously! And that little sweater is particularly adorable.


  2. I am so impressed by people who can do this! These are so cute - you could be a baby boutique!