Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Beets and Carrots Oh My

I have started my CSA for the year. I'm excited because they have some really interesting vegies.
I know I'm kind of strange that I'd like to try something like these carrots or colorful beets, but hey I think they are quite beautiful. I'm sure they taste good too, especially if they are fresh. Yum.

So now every Wednesday I go pick up my new fresh vegies and I'm going to be very healthy this summer.


  1. Where on earth did you find them? (And what is CSA?) I think I need some of these!


  2. And once I get my blog up and running, you can learn how to grow those veggies... thanks for your help yesterday. You may need to start a piece on "how to blog".. and pretty soon you'll be the next pioneerwoman!!

  3. I made the honey rutabagas and carrots again and they were just as big of a hit as they were the first time around :)

  4. Totally thought these were chocolate drizzled carrots at first. Mmmmmm! Haha!