Monday, April 19, 2010

So Many Projects, So Little Time

Lexy Lou (age 4.5) was in my living room trying on a sweater made for Ells Bells (age 1.25) and it just wasn't working.
She entered the family room where the Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, and cousins were watching silent NBA playoff games and chatting it up on a slow, Sunday afternoon. She then whispered to me (the Grammy) that she wanted to show me something.
Now, you have to understand that this child isn't normally a quiet, discrete soul, but she really wanted to know why that lime green sweater with crazy colorful pompoms on the sleeves and belt ties wouldn't fit her. It seemed long enough in the body and yet the sleeves and torso were just not up to the task for fitting her dainty cute little self.
So, I explained to her that it was kind of a coat sweater, long enough to cover up Ells down to her thighs and it would match a dress that I was going to sew up soon.
This is a straight stockinette stitch and shaped very simply with additions of stitches at the side edges for an A frame coat.

Love this updated 60's look fabric by Lila Tueller for Moda. I got it at Prarie Queens Quilt Shop in SJC

Then after I make a t-shirt quilt for Michael,

start a photo board for the memory room at the high school depicting Michael Michael's lifetime thus far,
whip up a blessing dress for the newest addition to our family coming in August, and apparently make some jalepeno/cheddar bread for Austin,
(just kidding Katz), 
I would then make her, Lexy, a pink and orange sweater just like the one I just finished for Ells.
"Pink and ORANGE?  I don't like orange," she stated, quite matter of factly.
"Oh, let me show you what I have in mind," I said, hoping to change her mind.
Down the hall we went  to the sewing room, where I stash materials for the above projects. "I bought this great pink, yellow, orange, & green flowered fabric to make a little outfit for you and I thought a pink and orange sweater would go with it so well."
"I think it should be just all pink," said the opinionated preschooler.
"I don't have enough pink yarn, so we will have to trim the sweater in another color," I replied.
"Oh, how about pink and yellow then," she said.
"Then I could make a little orange one for Lena to go with what you were wearing," I argued.
"I think Yellow would be good."
"Yellow, it is.  Yellow and pink."


  1. heehee

    I'm with her...not a big lover of the color orange! (But oh, I do love that material.)


    PS. I just have to chuckle at the way she stuck to her guns. That little one knows her own mind...already!

  2. what a cute story- she is something else huh :) we will look forward to that pink and YELLOW outfit! oh and when I saw you posted a new blog this morning I thought it was gonna be about our Naked dining :) See you Tuesday!

  3. Are you kidding me? I am exhausted just reading that! Great post!! So colorful and fun!

  4. you are AMAZING mama! never stop moving do you?? love you~