Thursday, April 1, 2010

Snow in Them There Hills

Last night it rained here in Big J.  I hear from other members of my family that it rained in Los Gatos, CA., Salem, OR., & Salt Lake City, UT.
Rain everywhere I suppose.
But when I drove Dad to the PT this am, I saw the Bookcliffs to the north of town and couldn't believe how they had changed from yesterdays view of them.
Snow, snow, all across the range. The other mountains surrounding the Grand Valley have not lost their snowy winter coat yet this year, but these aren't a very high elevation and they are the first to melt with each snowfall.
By the time I'd arrived back at the GG's house, the clouds had started to cover the mountains/hills so this picture isn't nearly as clear and beautiful as when I first spotted them.
Later after lunch  tried again to go get a few shots of the Bookcliffs especially. These matchless mountains are a long single range of sedimentary formed soils that go from Price, Utah all the way to Rifle, Colorado.
 The snow just falls down on the tops of the layers of rock and then it skips down to the next ledge, making for very interesting patterns on these unique mountains.
The dessert hasn't even begun to awake from the slumber of Winter. This childhood home of mine is so different from where I live now.
Here is Mount Garfield, the crown of the Bookcliffs in the Grand Junction area. It was so pretty this am, and now the snow is nearly gone.
I'm out by the airport just a hop skip and jump away from the parentals home.  See the little plane coming in for a landing?
As I write this, it is snowing, no hailing, no sleeting, no icing?, snowing outside of my window.
A beautiful and interesting place. Love it.

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  1. Great photos and word pictures! You are becoming quite the blogger...