Monday, March 29, 2010


My handsome eldest son came for breakfast at his sister's apartment on Saturday am, after Steph and I got back from buying a new tire. Then we all went to see some cousin, uncles, and aunts at a baseball game in Provo.  Now you have to understand that Jonathan loves being outside, and he loves his family, but he was being a pretty good sport to accompany us to Utah Valley for a baseball game to watch someone he has never met.
It was a marvelously beautiful day.
 You've go to admit, the setting for the BYU campus is just about as pretty as any you've ever seen. This time of year it is especially amazing with the white snow against the blue spring sky. Seriously a beautiful day.

We were driving in on the Parkway from the freeway when we stopped at a red light and Stephanie started honkin' the horn of her sweet little Honda. "There's Megan," she yelled as she rolled her window down and started shouting. "Megan, Megan, honk, honk." After a long 15 seconds or so, Megan looked around and saw her cousin(s) and Aunt VK madly yelling at her. ( I didn't really look, but I suppose that at this time Jonathan was not madly yelling, but instead he would have been laughing at his sister and mother about then.)
(I put in too many parenthesis, don't I?)
We told M that we were headed to a baseball game where Aunt C, Uncle B and 2/3 of their offspring were going to be watching their friend play 1st base, and hit the ball.
She came.
We all had a good time in the sun. I met a cute little great niece and nephew.

Then after it was all over C and B took me with them on the 4 hour drive home to Grand Junction.
And here I am. Thanks for the rides Steph , Aunt C, Uncle B. You guys are pretty good company for a free ride.

As you can see, I'm using my fathers Picasa for picture downloads and I'm learning how to do quick and easy collages. I don't travel with my computer, just my camera.


  1. Megan, Megan, honk, honk, indeed. But I was sure thrilled you guys caught me!

  2. What a great time! (I use too many parentheses, too.)


  3. And Megan's car is so hard to spot.....Do you think we should give her a paint job for christmas?