Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Firstborn Son

He's 30 years old today. It is incredible to me that I've been a mother for that amount of time, and that they are all pretty much adults and making all their own decisions.
Our Jonathan was such a perfect baby. He slept well, ate well, grew well and progressed through all his milestones like a champ.
Such a happy baby turned into a happy toddler.
The scan through a glass framed picture isn't the best.
You can see how engaged and sweet he was as a 2 year old.
The Hubby wrote his three decade old child a letter this week, outlining these years. He was a good big brother and a kind hearted soul from the beginning. He happily traipsed through each day exploring and discovering new things along the way. Jonathan loved rocks, and balls, dancing, big wheels, walks, runs, bugs, other kids, digging in the sandpile, and his siblings as they came into our family.
On the right here, the big brother is about 5 years old. Very cute with his straight blond hair and blue eyes, a ready smile, and long skinny body and legs. (David, his little 3 year old brother, also couldn't make it 2 minutes without showing his sunny disposition.)

As he grew older he lost some of the happiness, but never lost kindness as he went through some mild struggles in school, and started to be a bit confused with the world.
Now this pic is not through a glass frame so the scan is much better. Live and learn.
Here is Jonathan at about 14 wearing his new glasses. By now we had moved twice in 4 years and it was a little tough, but he did like California. He started high school the month we moved here, and continued to be a good big brother and helpful son.
A good worker, Jonathan built fences, helped with other yard work, and learned how to do many odd jobs round the house. The neighbor had him help in the remodel of his house when Jonathan was 16, and he became good at many things. He also loved skateboarding with his buddies, and a few girls in there.
And his Mother.
Here he is at 18 with his handsome Dad.
He went to Ricks College for a year and then on a Mission for our Church to Jackson, Mississippi.
He married and he continued college in Utah where his major was changed several times before finally quitting.
Jonathan has continued to work hard at anything he does, including hard playing in the mountains, climbing, hiking and enjoying the outdoors.
Here's Jonathan at 28 with the family on a vacation.
And with his wife Stephanie. (They are currently separated.)

And with his sister Stephanie who attends school in Utah at U of U, last year. He is now working as a baker of great breads and also as a handyman doing odd jobs for people.
Last month The Hubby went to Utah for a visit with the 2 children that live there and his parents. This is the latest picture we have of Jonathan. He's still smiling and kind as ever.


  1. Another cute son you have there! But I can't believe you have on turning 30; you look way too young for that. (My oldest turned 34 last October.) Pretty crazy.


  2. Happy Birthday Jonathan! It was so great to see him at the cable car in November... he is one of the sweetest guys ever. You do good at raising great kids:)