Monday, March 29, 2010

Road Trip

       I am in Colorado
I left on Friday and traveled over to I-80 and stayed right there for over 700 miles on that very day. 
This picture is along I-80 approaching the Nevada border. Still a lot of snow up on them there mountains.
My Stephanie driving merrily along. She's just finishing a week of spring break and we are driving her car that she is buying from us back to the finish up her senior year of college.
She has finished in 4 years like her sister Kathryn a couple years ago and we are proud of them.
We traveled slowly (about 82 -83 mph) through Nevada and saw all the beautiful sites.
They actually are quite cool if you look at them with non-judgmental eyes. It isn't green and lush by any means, but the mountains and sage brush, pinon pines and dry ground are actually all quite beautiful.
Crusty salty ground all around for miles and miles. The artsy tree in the middle of nowhere is always interesting to see.  We are getting closer to our destination.
We arrived in the Salt Lake Valley as night was upon us. Stephanie driving again as I sat in the passenger seat finishing up my knitting project du jour. As we went passed the air port something happened to us that I have failed to take any pictures of. You would like to see me change a tire too, right?
 Well, Stephanie had to direct the car off the side of the road when the thing BLEW. She did great, and I was glad we didn't have a jam packed car. We just unloaded the trunk, took out the tools and tire, jacked the car up, started unscrewing the bolts on the tire, watched the car fall off the jack (as I was standing 6 inches away from it), called The Hubby to find out where to place the jack, got grease on my hands unfolding the jack, jacked the car back up, released bolts, replaced tire, tightened bolts, took jack down, and drove off.
It took us about 25 minutes I'd say (Stephanie, you could make a comment and correct me if I'm wrong)
Notice that I do have to ask people to make comments because I have about 3 followers who participate.
We had a very nice trip across the west. Arriving in SLC to Steph's apartment and still with enough energy to shop and watch a really cute movie before bed.

That's a terrible download, but I'm done. The show was "Up."
You should see this movie if you haven't already. Don't walk out the first 8 minutes. Just hang in there.


  1. I agree that Up was cute. And I love a good road trip with one of my kids. And I've never seen a better pic of you than the one changing that tire.



  2. Glad you made it there safe :) Have a fun trip! I am impressed with your tire changing skills - I would have cried and called AAA!

  3. You look FANTASTIC in that tire-changing picture. Looks like your upping the fruits and veggies is doing the trick!

    I positively HATE that drive but it certainly is an easy one when you're in good company. Glad you made it safely (and glad you watched of our favorites)!

  4. The photos looks so familiar! I think Doug and I pulled into one of those salt flats with OUR blown tire! However, if I were you, I would definitely have called AAA!!

  5. I don't recall that outfit of yours and I'm pretty sure I would have remembered it.

  6. I remember having a flat on the top of the Blue Mtns with 4 kids and no husband. Craig was sure we were gonna die. I did the same thing, got the car up on the jack, luckily someone came by and helped before it fell off!
    Yep, that weight watchers thing is working - love the bikini!

  7. Hahaha well I was GOING TO comment on all those pretty pics we took on our way but instead I must comment on the pic of you/me?? Changing that tire of mine.. Pretty sure if we had looked like that we would have had more than one man stop to help hahaha~ had a great time with u mama! Love you!