Friday, March 19, 2010


Seems like girls and boys like to dress up no matter how old they get.
These kids all dressed up as "Celebrity Couples" and so M and his girlfriend  are Jay Z and Beyonce. Wrong color, but what the hey.
M had ordered bling for his ears. A magnetized 8 mm set that he paid extra postage for to get here on time for the dance.  They didn't come.
I got two packages from the UPS man today and M was mad at me 'cause he didn't get his 1. So we got resourceful and went to Affordable Treasures. One of our favorite junk stores just right here in our little town.
There I found a belt made out of blingy glass. I cut out 2 of the big fake diamonds and glue them to his ears with glue dots. Worked perfect. I also bought some fake gold chain that is made out of plastic and weighs about 1/8 of an ounce.
Dressed up buddies from grade school.
Have fun guys. Not too much, but fun nontheless.

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  1. Sadies was always a fun event at our high school, too. Great costume!