Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hats, Hats Everywhere

I thought I'd make sure I had pictures of hats I've made this last year and so I asked my DD to find me some pictures of her cute little one and any hats she has worn that I made.
She brought me some and so here are some cute pictures of my 3rd granddaughter in all her many hats.
I thought I'd do something different and so you don't have to scroll down through the pics, rather you can just sit back and watch them go by.  Easy as pie. (Is pie easy?)

One of these homemade hats (the light green one) is a smocked hat I made to go with her Easter dress last year. The lavender with pink detail is her little cousin Lexy's hat that I think was the first hat I made for a grandchild. If you look closely at the pumpkin hat there is a little green stem hanging out of the top. And the white hat should go with many things if  we change the ribbons to match an outfit.
She wears a hat well, don't you think?


  1. You are so talented. Those hats are so cute!

  2. i think i like hats. going through e's pics there is an unbelievable ammount of headwear! thanks for all the hats gramvi!

  3. typo: i do know that amount has one m. tx.

  4. Yes, she is definitely, hands-down, the Queen of Hats.


  5. Well, she's pretty darling! You are amazing, Vick.