Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lincoln City

Our trip continued over to the Oregon beach where we rented a house for a few days. The weather was a little overcast on the first full day, but then we had 3 absolutely gorgeous days that followed.
Being that this is a rare occurrence in the Pacific Northwest, I thought I should make a big point about how awesome the weather was for our stay.
The weather was AMAZING.
We rented a house close to the beach that fit our entire family of 13 plus 1 one night, and 12 the other nights.  Jonathan came the first night with his friend Levi, but they left after the first day to go climb Mt. Rainier.  David's family of 5 crammed into one bedroom, and did exceptionally well. Kathryn's family also easily shared a room.
It was a cute, 3 story, beach themed house, with hardwood floors and cozy rooms. Called "Maggies House," it can be rented from here.  It is  in the "Roads End" area of Lincoln City.
My parents stayed in town at a condominium that is owned by a coworker of my brother-in-law. That way they could see us once a day, but not have to climb our stairs, or listen to our constant noise.
My sister Kathy's family also rented a house near the same beach. It was a huge vacation house with games and rooms for all ages. We spent some fun time with cousins and 2nd cousins as well.
We had invited my whole extended family to try to come and spend a little reunion, but our families were the only ones to be able to attend.
We played in the sand. Old kids ...
...and young kids.
Ran the sand through our little pudgy fingers.
Played a little baseball.
(She got pretty good too)
Flew a "Barbie" kite.
Explored the beach.
And kept warm. I said it was beautiful, but it was still Oregon.  The temps were in the high 60's to low 70's with a chilly wind most of the time.

Michael, the Hubby and I took a long walk into town via the beach for a little shopping, and Kara rescued us after a couple hours.

I think everyone had a great time.

I know I did.


  1. Looks wonderful. Maybe we should try that sometime. Newport, where we go, is always so crowded...Fun, but a whole different feel.