Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We have been gone to a nephews wedding as well as a beach vacation. 
I'll post here about the wedding and more later about seeing dear old friends, homes we built and used to live in, and the beautiful actually sunny Oregon beach and landscape. It was a great time.

It seems that my entire extended family is always there to support a niece (but usually a nephew) for their nuptials.  So far there have been 2 nieces married and 13 nephews. We have 2 more in each category to finish them all off.   (so to speak)
Here is the happy couple just after the ceremony which was performed in the amazingly elegant Portland Temple.  Jami is adorable. Craig did good.
(We lived in Portland when this temple was built and dedicated, so we have a special affinity to it. I'll have to expound more on that sometime.)

All 5 of our children made the trek up NW. Jonathan drove in his Greasled truck with a friend, David took all night to get there with his little family of 5, Kathryn and her brood drove too, but left early in the am and so arrived afternoon.  The other 4 of us flew from San Jose and SLC respectively and we all met up for a little family time.

My parents were in the same hotel, as were my two Grand Junction siblings with their spouses.
This picture is of David and his 3 chillens with their GG's Kelly.
Aunt Camille entertaining Lexy while we all wait for the bride to come out of the temple.  "Left foot forward one square."
Talking with my two "brudders", Steve and Tom. 
My cute sister Kathy, the mother of the groom.  It looks like we didn't get a picture of the Dad, or of them together.  Anybody?

The reception is also not in our photo library, so I'll have to borrow some pics from my kids. 
Here's Kathy with her son the groom.
GPa (the Hubby) with little Ellery.
Lexy will dance with anyone she can get. She loves dancing even more than the chocolate fountain with rice crispy treats.
It was a classy White and Black with a touch of Red. Yummy desserts all around the room. 
Grandma and Pa Kelly won the contest for the couple who had been married the longest.  63 years in September beat everyone else at the reception by nearly 20 years.
Aren't they cute?   They also LOVE to dance, and are still pretty good at it.

Thanks for the reception pictures Stephanie.

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  1. I always like the white and black with a touch of red theme. Looks like a wonderful event. And everything is always better with the whole family there!