Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bright /Retro Girlie Outfits

Last month I finished up a couple of cute little outfits for 2 of my darling granddaughters.
The summery dress/pants pattern, purchased a while back, was calling my name and I had decided to make these lightweight cotton play clothes to match the a-line sweaters I had previously knitted, (and felted).
I used bright yellow, pink, orange flowered fabric for Lexy's outfit.
I also used my serger sewing machine more for these little dresses and pants than I have in a long time.
Two short seams and the topstitching were the only things I did with my conventional sewing machine.
That made the projects go really fast. I like that!
This is the model that enjoys the process. Her pants have the dark pink, orange and yellow. The dress is mostly the floral print that brings all the colors together.
Cute, happy girl.
The other model isn't quite as eager in front of the camera.
She has some help from her Daddy here. And you notice it is a little cool, so she has the matching sweater on for comfort.
I just used 3 fabrics for the smaller version.  Kind of 60's style. The neckline didn't translate down to this 18 month size. I think I needed to try it on her a little more before I completed the downsize, although she doesn't seem to care much.
The little drawstrings around the legs can be loosened or tightened according to your desire. The waistband is elastic.
Such a great pattern in two completely different fabric waves.
It is enjoyable sewing for little girls. (Big girls would never wear these showy outfits. Tee Hee)

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  1. They are so lucky to have you make these darling outfits for them. Amazing.