Sunday, August 7, 2011

Embarassed and Upset

I have trotted across the western United States once again to Grand Junction, Colorado. My mother had surgery and I came to see if I could help out a bit and throw some TLC toward my parents for the week.
I have gone on a hike with sister and family, swam at brothers house, revisited 1st ward, eaten some great meals, etc and all without my handy dandy camera which I LEFT ON THE PLANE or in the airport.
I am sick about it and can't quite believe how I could do such a thing. It's not a little itty bitty camera. It is a nice big camera and I am praying that when the lost and found(s) open at the airlines and in the airports at 9 am tomorrow morning I will somehow be able to recover my lost, unmarked D-200 Nikon.
Please pray with me for the honest people out there.


  1. oh, bummer...major bummer. I'm praying the we can have faith that there are still good honest people in the world...yes, there are... let's hope your camera connects with one of THOSE!!! I'm sooo feeling your pain right now. :(

  2. That totally stinks. And I will be praying that honesty reigns.


  3. Oh, I am so sorry. So, what's the verdict on the honesty? Praying for the best.

  4. it's seriously the worst feeling in the world. hope you have my luck. i'll say a quick prayer!