Friday, August 19, 2011

Hungry Caterpillar II

Ellery was seen at her baby sisters birthday in this. But what did the birthday girl wear?
 How about a white pinafore over a bright green dress?
 I found a perfect hungry caterpillar to embroider with my new machine and it brought the color to the bodice of the pinafore.
Should I use white ties on the side of the apron?
 Or colored caterpillar bites for ties?
I choose colorful ones.
 A Peter Pan collar?
Or a pleated small collar to match big sis's blue pleats on her dress?
I choose pleats. I do love my pleater attachment.
If you want to see Cossette in the dress along with some cute shoes that her mommy found, go here and see the whole party.
Looks like fun, huh?


  1. I like the colorful ties, too.

    And the pleats are really cute and unique, too.


  2. the other neckline takes away from the embroidered caterpillar/ LOVE it! people just gushed over it! well done gramvi!