Thursday, August 18, 2011

Guardsman Pass

I am home at last for at least a couple of weeks. I'll hopefully get some pictures of projects that I've been up to, but for now I'll show some pictures of a hike/drive that Jonathan, Stephanie and I went on yesterday.
 Here is our tour guide and oldest child. Seems that Jonathan knows more places to go in the Utah mountains than even Grandpa Kelly or Hodgman. The names of rock formations as well as the science of all of those rocks is always right on the tip of his tongue.
 The clouds this time of year are white and fluffy for miles up into the sky during the day, and then often turn grey and ominous in the evening. One of the nights I was there we experienced a loud thunderstorm and high winds. I had forgotten about these storms and was happy I was safe and sound inside Stephanie's cute little house.
 Stephanie was able to come with us between orientations of her new teaching position, and volleyball practice with the AF girls who are already in love with her.
I have NEVER seen the mountains of Utah with so much green, and the flowers were full and fabulous. I suppose it has something to do with the wet spring and summer that the western US has experienced.
It was gorgeous. Really.
You should click on this picture to better see the Indian Paintbrush, Lupine, & Skunk Cabbage
There were also at least 3 kinds of Daisy's, Bluebells, 4 kinds of berries (we weren't sure if we could eat one of them and Jonathan smeared some of one berry juice on him arm to see if he'd get an allergic reaction which he did not), wild Delphinium, and other flowers that I didn't recognize.

 This is approaching Mary Lake at Brighton (ski area) up Big Cottonwood Canyon east of Salt Lake City.
 Overlooking the Guardsman Pass road that we have just ascended.
Down on the other side of Guardsman, headed to Park City. Can you see what I see????
I wish I had a different lens. The Hubby let me use his camera which was brave of him after what I did last week.
There were 6 moose. SIX! At least 4 males and 1 female. We didn't see the head of the other one, but I suppose it is mating season and they herd a bit during the early fall when they are mating.
I was so excited that I spotted them far of and Stephanie u-turned her little Honda around so we could get a closer look.
Very pretty day and fun kids I have.


  1. What a neat trip. We used to hike in those mountains all the time when we were in college, and they were always beautiful.

    In the winter, we used to go tubing!


  2. yup, love those mountain meadows and the crazy explosion of wildflowers we had this summer. Glad you got to experience it with a couple of your faves! (but you should have come to visit us too... :( )

  3. i'm with sue. we've had our fun on those hills ourselves. :)