Monday, November 14, 2011

Oh, Halloween

Another post I need to show off is our Halloweening for the year.
Oscar (right - Oscar is a green grungy guy) I meant Elmo showed up at our party. He LOVED his costume and just walked around getting into anything that looked remotely interesting.
 He brought his sister the caterina.
A retro clown came with them to the LG Ward party. 
...and a scary green witch greeted them all. 

Then a couple days later David and Kara showed up at our house with those same cute characters.
Thanks for sharing Halloween with GPa and GramVi.


  1. it's elmo gramvi!! not oscar the grouch! c'mon! :) cute little halloweeners.

  2. we know we're getting up there in years when we can't keep our SS characters straight anymore AND when our once cute children turn annoying and insist on reminding us...LOL... Elmo, Oscar, who cares. They're all stinkin' cute!!! :)

  3. The funniest part of this post has to be the comments.

    The cutest part is those darling kids!