Friday, November 18, 2011

Rip It Up

We are in kind of a our big, noisy mess around our house this week. Well at least I am, 'cause none else is home much.
 The first day we saw a few tons of bricks getting broken up and piled up around the patio.
 The next day saw the shovel of the little caterpillar tractor was put on and brick being hauled away in the dump truck out on the street.

 Luke thought this was a little unnerving, but soon it was AOK.
 The break up of the cement was next. Whatever the tractor can't reach due to tight quarters and turns around the house, has to be done with the regular old jack hammer. There are about 3 of these babes knocking on the property at any given moment.
Wait. Where did all the water in the pool go?
 Kind of a mess, right?
Don't break any of the windows.


  1. Oh my gosh. You're doing it! I can't wait to find out if you like your contractor. Because if you do, I'm going to use the same one.

    (I need a good referral!)


  2. lena keeps talking about the pool with no water... "only leaveses" or leaves as all the rest of us call them :) Good luck with all that

  3. oh my gosh! It looks like a bomb went off. Can't wait to see it when the family gets back. Happy turkey day to the hodgfolks.