Monday, November 14, 2011

Where Have I Been?

Basically I've just been hanging out at home and trying to get some things done. We are headed to Hawaii next week and so I'm sure to get some pictures to post of the whole fam damily for this here blog, and I do have a tractor in my back yard as of a few hours ago, so I'll get a picture of that up soon.

I took a picture of my gardener Panfilo and his son today lifting my huge barbecue off of their truck at David and Kara's house. We are giving the BBQ to them along with a ping pong table and portable fire pit.  I have inadvertently deleted the pictures. Oops.
Oh, look. I found it 2 days later.
Panfilo's crew are such crazy workers that I had to get the picture to remember them lifting the very heavy (like 500 lbs heavy) BBQ but when I was opening up my new picture program "Aperture," I erased a few items.

My computer is working better  (it was sluggish because I had it completely FULL of pictures which have now been moved off of the hard drive) so I should be back blogging as usual.
My list of things to blog about include 2 little trips, a couple of birthdays, a couple of quilts, the Hubby's release from being Stake President, visit from 2 General Authorities, & good food and decoration.
Fun times were had by ALL.


  1. Looking forward to your updates. Congrats on Pres. H's release!! YAHOOOOO!! Hope you guys take advantage of the extra time and do some fun fun things! He was amazing as Stake Prez and I sure appreciated all he did (and you, for supporting him). Hugs to both of you. Enjoy Hawaii and take lots of great photos with that wonderful new camera!!

  2. The conference was beautiful and memorable. It was a joy to be there. You guys did a great job, and Dave and I are happy that you will have a little more time to yourselves now.

    I'm looking forward to the posts you've mentioned. Have fun in Hawaii!