Thursday, February 9, 2012

January Yard Progress

I thought I'd  make sure I keep the pictures of our backyard up to date each month and it's been more than a month now, so here are a TON of pictures.
Delete me now if you couldn't care less.
 Gas lines, electricity conduits, sewer hook-ups. There is still a lot of digging going on in this yard.
 The largest 2 trenches went straight down the center of the old lawn. Everything connects into these trenches.
Gas lines and solar lines for the pool.
 Around the pool there are pipes running everywhere.
 The pool basin is coming along with light, drainage spaces, and 4 cute little steps.
Rebar placement for the walls and BBQ area.

 The initial concrete pour.
 Wooo woo, fancy kitchen area.

 The beginnings of a new wall.

 A wall height cinderblock. More to be added for the counter.
That's it for January. I can't wait for February to take shape.


  1. This is SO not making me look forward to doing this in my yard.


  2. You're going to love love love it when it's all done!!

  3. I love projects that are moving along. It's looking great!