Friday, February 24, 2012

Teenager Vehicle Sold

We no longer have teenagers and yet it took us a while to actually get our hiney's in gear and get rid of the 4th vehicle in our driveway, which is exactly the car our last 3 children drove all through high school.  
Kathryn wanted a yellow jeep for the couple of years before she learned how to drive. When Kathryn wants something she talks about it a lot and soon whenever the Hubby spotted a yellow jeep he gave it a second look.  One day in early 2002, just before her 16 birthday, he came home with this fairly new 2001 jeep from the dealership across from the Jiffy Lube where he was getting another car serviced.
It had a simple interior, but when Michael started driving it we added a nice sound system and this helped bring up the desired value to a high school boy.
It was the manual transmission, which helped its moxy with the daughters, 'cause they thought it was pretty cool being able to teach their boy friends how to drive a stick.
Stephanie and her friends drove it over the hill to Santa Cruz often and it really got around town with all 3 of the kids. Lots of people knew who it belonged to.
 NorCal stickers and the Jumpman symbol made it theirs.
The Hubby and I will miss the Jeep and the reminder it gave us daily of our great kids. 


  1. Finally gone with no odd Paypal payments...well done! It looks in mint condition considering it went through 3 teenagers!

  2. I like it!

    Kinda sad to see it go, eh?


  3. I can't believe he has been out so long now! And I bet you miss that car, and all the memories with it. I miss seeing you! I am so happy I got to see you today, you brighten up my day!