Saturday, February 11, 2012

Random Happenings

I've been trying to finish up some little things and get them out of the way.
Here is a random list of things I've been up to.
 Knitting Christmas ornaments for next year. I'm planning on an advent banner over the fireplace.
 Tiny sweaters, hats, mittens, and other wintery knits.
 Baby blankets for new little additions. Isn't Lincoln a cute name?
 Invitations for an upcoming bridal shower.
 Another blanket. I also made a turquoise one for a little "Evelyn", but I failed to take a picture. Congratulations to Brett and Jessica. The great grandchildren of Joyce and Sam (my parents) are really multiplying. They must have about 35 now. Crazy.
Checking on Michael's Visa finally shows some advancement. Go Elder Michael!!
A Valentine purse with a cute little embroidered birdie with a love letter.
More embroidered pillowcases for a primary in our stake, as I finished the initial 44 that we ordered. I'll get to the others later on in the year when we figure out how many of which gender we need in the end.
Choosing tile for our pool surround.
These 1" x 1" tiles are beautiful glass. We've also ordered a fireplace insert, all our BBQ equipment and various other things that are above and beyond our contract.


  1. darling! you'll have to add a little graham as of this morning :) oh & i am obsessed with the glass tile for the pool surround!! sooo cool!

    1. The glass tiles ARE really pretty. I just counted up the GGchildren and there are 31 as of this am. I hand's heard about T L.

  2. I love glass tile...and you, my friend, are just one busy bee!

  3. I want to come over and see when this is done. I love the tile!


  4. I just found your! It gets me excited when I find someone that quilts, AND knits...AND makes cards. Meeee tooo!


  5. Just saw the blanket you sent graham. You are incredible - I haven't even hardly started his quilt. He'll probably be about 18 and might not get it....

    Love the tiles! When's all this supposed to be complete?