Saturday, March 10, 2012

The First Shall Be Last?

I'm not sure where to begin after such a long hiatus from the blogging world, but I think I'll do the most recent event and then go back gradually, perhaps hitting a couple of new ones as I go.
There could be posts about a visit with my parents in St. George, babysitting David's cute kiddles, sewing a couple of dresses for Kathryn's girls, talking with Elder Michael as he travels (finally) to Brazil, back yard non-progress, sewing a purse for a RS event prize, hanging pictures at Kathryn's new home, beauties of Colorado, crazy weather of Colorado, etc.

So …. The Hubby and I just got back from visiting Colorado Springs and our middle child who moved there with her little family last month.
They have purchased a cute home that is brand spankin' new and needs curtains, an entire yard, all those unexpected things you have to buy when moving into a new home, all those unexpected thing you have to buy when moving into your first home, all those unexpected things you have to buy when moving into any home.
The girls are doing well and seem to adjust to changes so easily. They are really well adjusted considering they have had to move into a hotel for a month and now a new home. They were in their old place in VA for just 9 months so the oldest remembers that last move too, and still nothing seems to phase her.
They got this light rug to brighten up all the dark couch, floor, etc.
The child standing on the rug needs to always have a big hug or you just can't stand it. Precious!!
 Austin loves his fireplace and Ells loves to turn it on. "Just have to ask, okay Grammy?"
 Katz always does their hair so cute. The oldest ones hair is hard to do because it is thin, but the mom has it all figured out. Ellery also just loves to play with my classy glasses (and my funky ones too).
GramVi "snoring" on the couch as we all pretend.
 Yummy lettuce wraps for Sunday dinner.
 GPa playing funny face with Ells.
Cossette watching something besides the camera in the family room.

We had a great time and hopefully helped the kids get things a little more settled as they embark on this new adventure.


  1. Well, you know I loved reading about your visit and seeing everything! It looks fabulous. I am so excited about all of it! It's all new to me. They loved your visit and appreciated your help so much-- and I want to also thank you for all your help to them! I will be sure to look up at the sky when we go!

  2. I'm glad you two are having extra time now to have fun with the family. You both look so relaxed!