Wednesday, March 14, 2012

St. George Vista's

 A couple of weeks ago I flew into Vegas and took the shuttle van to St. George. A 1 1/2 hour ride was an easy one, 'cause I was in the throws of reading The Hunger Games and was thoroughly gobbling it up.
My parents have a home in St George and had gone there to host Camille (sis) and I. We were coming to go to the Parade of Homes that is held in the valley each winter.
What a cute great grandma and grandpa. Here they are on our way to church. (I couldn't believe how many people they had at church because of the Presidents Day weekend holiday, and the Parade of Homes. There were 2 sacrament tables, 8 priests, 20 deacons and as many people as we usually have for Stake Conference. Pretty crazy. People were very excited to see Mom and Dad, because it has been more than a year since they have been there in SG. Their health has not been great so they have stayed put in Grand Junction where their doctors are generally located.)

Camille and I really enjoyed all the new homes and designs, decorating, landscaping and the like.
 Their rocks and boulders are an eighth of what mine cost here in good ol' Nor Cal.
 Every single home was located in a different part of the county and each had beautiful, unique views.
 Some great furniture ideas.
 And painting ideas - this one for an under stair play room.
Tile, lighting and metal ideas.
 Here is a home and even a neighborhood in the middle of a lava field.
 Cool fire effects. Indoors and out.
Where is the house?
 Repurposed floors, ceilings, furniture, and lighting abound in this house.
 Neutrals all go together for a calm effect.
 All the pools were rectangular, and the concrete around them stamped in great colors.
 Repurposed cabnetry.
…….these wind sculptures are very cool. I definitely need one or three of them at my house!


After Camille went back to Grand Jct. on Sunday, I stayed and had fun with Mom and Dad by myself.
We went to dinner with my cousin Janice, did a little shopping, and went to an art show at Dixie College.
This winning piece entitled "Shoshone Dolls" is an oil painting by Jeremy Winborg, and is probably the most impressive painting I have every seen. There is the mother with her daughter looking up at her, and the daughter has a little Indian doll in her hands. The lighting and costumes and love in their eyes is truly a beautiful combination.  I never would typically be drawn to a Native American subject like this, but I absolutely thought it was spectacular in every way.

Maybe I should go to more art shows.

All in all, a wonderful trip. Thanks Mom and Dad.


  1. I wish we had the same sort of "Parade of Homes" here - they're so much fun! I love that pool and the outdoor cooking area but not the 100+ degree temps in St. George in the summer. Too bad you can't pack some of those rocks up and drive them home!

    You're right, the looks on the faces in that painting are what draws you in. Would love to see the original. I keep saying I'm going to go to exhibits at The Legion of Honor and the DeYoung Museum and then I never go. Such a waste when we have two great museums so close!

  2. I really like that repurposed lighting. So cool!

    Your parents look like a wonderful couple.


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  4. Vicki, first of all I am so happy you got to be with your parents, they look adorable! And second of all, let me just say that I am so jealous! You were in my home town and I miss it so much more from looking at all your pictures! I am so happy you got to go see the parade of homes as well. Doesn't it just make you sick to see what you could have for so much less than here? (Well I am speaking for myself here haha). Glad you had a great trip!

  5. Mom and Dad look absolutely fabulous. Thanks for the picture. I need to get a copy!!

    Glad you could go to the Parade of Homes - if you decide to make it a yearly trip, I want to come next time. Maybe not on president's day since it's so crowded??