Monday, March 12, 2012


I came home after St. George and before going to Colorado Springs so that I could help out with David's children. Kara went on a cruise with her old camp/church groupies for a few days, and they needed help on Friday and Monday so that David wouldn't have to take work off to stay home.
We went to the park, had a meeting with my contractors, had a picnic, and played all day Friday.
Monday they had school and we walked Lexy, drove Lena, played with Luke and picked up the girls.
Then Kara came home from her most relaxing trip. :)

I had a great time.

Too bad I failed to take any pictures.
Next time I will think about it more.


  1. How is your back yard coming along, anyway?


  2. Sometimes it's good to be too busy with the grandlittles to take photos.