Monday, March 12, 2012


I haven't sewn with corduroy for 40 years, I think.
The first time I used it was on some dark green pants for myself in the 7th or 8th grade. I was so excited to have pants that would be long enough for my legs, that I didn't pay too much attention to which way the nap lied as I was cutting them out. Inevitably I had the front of those pants with the direction going down, and in the back the direction was going up. If you looked at them from the side, they looked like two different colors of green.
Live and learn, right?
Well, this time I thought about the correct direction, and I made a couple of cute little dresses for the two Hill girlies.
 Here, GPa is trying to get them to pay attention to a couple directions. "Put your arms out."
 "Turn around, so we can see the back of the dress."
"Now you're twirling pretty."
This is just before Ellery fell into Cossette, causing her to fall into the glass candle holder on the side of the hearth stone and miraculously not break it.

The red fabric on the side of Ells dress and bottom of C's is red ruffle fabric left over from a skirt for Lena.
The white jumper is a wide wale corduroy and the polka dot and owl print are narrow wale corduroy. Ellery's sleeves are attached red cotton knit ribbing, and Cossette's got a red onesie turtleneck under her jumper, which will fit her for at least 2 more seasons I suspect.

I need the mom (my DD) to send me a couple more pictures. One with the machine embroidery for the jumper close up, another for the closeup of the buttons on E's bodice, and again one for the hair bows.


  1. They are the best dressed kids around!


  2. super super cute. It was fun to see you guys, even if only for a few brief moments and not the best of circumstances. I miss my many CA friends.