Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cool Crane at Our House

I know that I promised no more posts about the backyard barring the first of each month, but I am doing one anyway.
This is not a "look what has been done this month," but rather a one day event that was going on last week.
The roof of our new back covered patio is made of steel. The steel weighs more than a ton. Men can not lift a ton. Hence, the crane had to come and help the men.

 I'm helping too. Taking lots of pictures.
Cross beams went over first and then the "bends."
 The welding was interesting too. They just spot welded today, then came back and welded the whole structure the next day. Had to have an inspector on site and everything. Real legit.
 Last on were the 2 x 4''s and they will make up the open lattice section of the roof.
Here is the view from the side of the pool area.
 We had the grandkids over to check it out too. Very fun.