Thursday, April 5, 2012

Recent Progress

Meanwhile, back at the ol' homestead we are slowly getting to our mark of a finished back yard by summertime.  This picture shows the block walls around the poor patio which create planter boxes.

 And this block wall goes around the back of the pool and also leads to another planter. All of these walls required concrete footings to be poured for their stability. Any I'll tell you right now, they are stable. They are not going anywhere soon.
 View from the back of the pool near the side yard fence.
 New steel posts put in for food/arbor between house and pool area. Inspector had to be onsite while these puppy's were being welded.
 Delivered rock for patio. There is a ton (or about 20 tons) of rock and they had to set it on the front driveway because the fork lift couldn't make it up the hill on the side where access to the back yard is usually been good. Too top heavy for the incline.
 Forms for stairs. We have 6 sets of stairs in the project, some smaller than others.
 More pool and electric pipes.
 The concrete has to be formed around all the house vents, whether in the planter or on the patio.

All rebared up.
 Pumping the concrete - FINALLY!
 Working the stairs to the casita. (or whatever you wanta call it)
 Make it flat guys.
 The drains are very interesting. They will be hidden under an ungrouted joint in the stone work.
 The stairway to the grassy area of the yard.
 The planter right outside of the main kitchen and family room area. This used to all be concrete and I think this garden will soften the whole thing up.
Hopefully now that the underground work is completed this project will move along nicely. That is our wish at least.


  1. It is so exciting watching this all come together. I can't wait to see the finished project.

  2. must be so excited to be moving toward completion! I think you're going to have a fun fun summer!

  3. I had no idea how much is involved here. I'm getting more excited about doing ours than I was before. And I'm hoping you end up completely happy with the job they do for you so I can maybe hire them, too!