Saturday, August 4, 2012

Backyard Update - July

We saw much progress on the pool and everything else completely came together for a great looking yard by the end of the month.
This is a long post with lots of pictures for my extreme documentation. So here goes.
The fire pit is hooked up to gas and we put lava rock in up to the star fire. We decided to hold off on the glass toppers though, because it felt a little low and we wanted to put a stainless steel plate over the rock. We didn't want to lose the more costly glass into the bottom as it all settles.
But it's still nice to finally have a fire working. Check out the moon over the east side of the house.
The beautiful plants are delivered.
….and….. planted. WooHoo!!!!

The shadow of "The Kids". Our sculpture is under the east Ash tree now.

The plaster is in worse shape than they anticipated. (They couldn't figure this out 4 months ago?)
Sandblasting the pool
is a big mess.
Placing the last of the glass tiles onto the stairs and pool benches.
Looky here, there is some beautiful green!
The steel posts have been primed and now the trim pieces are welded on.

Lighting getting all figured out by Octavio.
Painting getting done. Seriously can you say "snowball". Let's just paint the whole house.
Welder is careful with the plants. The painters? Not so much.
Here is the pit with the glass in place. I'm not finding a night time picture of it, but it is quite beautiful.

All the white on this big arbor makes it look lighter and more outdoors. It feels really nice.
A nice team of Greg's painting the house.
Unwrapped the chaise lounger for Steph's volleyball team who came to visit.
(Story to follow)
The plaster is finally being applied to the pool.
The 7 plaster guys worked quickly and efficiently for about 3 hours, and were done.
Notice the sponge foot attachments they have on their shoes. Everything is going smoothly.

There is water coming into the pool. Yipee! I love a white pool. So clean. The blue is reflected and even though it hasn't been the style recently, I just think it looks beautiful.

 Now the hot tub gets filled. We have such good water pressure that the whole pool filled with 2 hoses in about 16 hours. I filled the hot tub in 1 hour with just one hose and that was all she wrote.
 Psych - not really, there's way more.
 How are these masons going to get the big mantle up onto the fireplace? Go to physics class and find out.

Now turn around and say cheese. These guys are so fun, especially when I can understand them.
 Make it all straight with some mortar thrown under it. This is not easy work.
 Living room.
There are some cool light in the trees and around the paths. Also, some accents and in the covered patio some old fashioned string lights. We are getting a Lutron system for managing them all figured out as well as a Sonos sound system for listening to almost any music or radio anywhere in the yard. A TV is in the outdoor covered patio and watching the Olympics around the pool is probably as decadent as it gets.
Main patio with some furniture thrown in. What lucky people live here.


  1. So glad to see it finally come together. You guys planned this down to the smallest twinkle light. Can't wait to see it!

  2. It seriously looks sooooo good! All your details and cute decor make the whole thing tie together so well....

  3. I'm so far behind, but this looks soooo good! Congrats on the wonderful progress!