Monday, August 6, 2012

Portland Wedding Redoux

Steve and Christine
This could be my last trip to Portland for a wedding. We have been there the past 3 summers for 3 different weddings, and I am thinking my visits to this beautiful temple will be no longer.
This celebration was for my brother Tom's youngest son. Aren't they a handsome couple?
Thomas Scott
 Really cool bouquet
 Fun little surprise in the pink tulle under the gown which was simply beautiful.
 Here are some handsome lads. 
Steve, friend, Scott (bro), Sam (bro), Dane (cuz)
All the nieces and nephews
 My beautiful parents were feeling pretty well and thrilled for another 
temple wedding for their progeny.
 Grooms parents looking quite happy and attractive as well. 
Tracy and co. had prepared and served an amazing dinner
 the evening before the nuptials. She's such a good cook.
 The 3 Kelly girls - not quite sure why I look the oldest.
 Tom, Camille, Vicki, Kathy, Steve
All 5 of us siblings all granny'd up. How did that happen?
and who dressed me without earrings?
 Posing with my Daddy. If you've never been to Oregon on a nice day, 
you have missed out big time.
The original's without Tom
I hope we're as cute as Mom and Dad when we're 86
Not pictured is The Hubby. He was in Europe and so missed here in Oregon. I felt strange at an event like this without him, but the happy couple got married on a Thursday and so we did what we could. 
It was a lovely event. 
Thanks for the pictures Tom and Camille. I didn't have a camera and so I depended on them. 

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  1. What a great-looking family!

    Congratulations to all.