Thursday, August 1, 2013


I found this great tutorial on a kids clothing blog last year and finally made up some capes for a few of the granddaughters. The tutorial includes an adorable pill box hat, and I was really tempted, but instead I decided to make thick headbands that keep a little ones ears warm.
I wanted a couple of lime ones to match little outfits the girls have and found some fleece on sale to accomplish that.
Then I had some left over royal blue fleece and got busy on one in that color. The polkadot lining went into both of these, and then I made another Lime one with a different lining. These are literally circles with a small circle in the center for the neck, and a straight cut up the center front. Then the lining cut the same size is sewn together around the edges and the piece tuned right side out. Easy peasy.
I think they turned out really cute, and the oldest of the girlies was totally confused because she said  she thought I was "making her a cape and this is kind of a weird one."  Her cute daddy had to explain to her that Superman and other hero's stole the article of clothing from the garment industry who has been making capes for warmth and cover for centuries.
I keep thinking I'll get a picture with the girls wearing them, but in the meantime - here they are.

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  1. My mom made me a pink velvet cape when I was a little girl. I loved it!