Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tahoe in August

The weather is perfect this week in the high Sierra. Seriously, the last time I was here it was 12 degree's for a high on that day, and I nearly froze my kajanka's off. Today it was 77. Did I say perfect? Exactly!

The Hubby rented a boat and we took it out on the lake with our son David and his cute family yesterday.  Lena took a turn at the helm.
 Lexy really wanted to ride on the inter tube. Lexy really did NOT want to ride. Yes, No, Yes, No????
Finally she was convinced and then had a great time.

 Lexy and I having a little bonding moment.
 Kara is ready to go! Woo Hoo!
 ...another turn with Lexy.
 David's turn. Hold on tight.
 Here's the whole family. We drove for several hours around the lake and totally enjoyed the scenery and company.
 GPa and GramVi.
We all had a shave ice when we got off the boat. They hadn't experienced one before. First time for a lot of things today.

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