Friday, August 23, 2013

Something's Fishy

Little girls can wear smocked dresses until they are 6 years old, or there about. After that, they seem to outgrow the look. Therefore I feel the need to make at least one dress of this sort each year and this cute little sundress was my choice most recently.
I started and basically finished the smocking last fall, when I then set it aside for finishing in the spring. I didn't get it out until after our big wedding, and it just took me a few days to get it all wrapped up and finished.
 The pink and orange fishy has fun blue french knot dots to set it apart from all the other fish in the ocean.
 The purple fish should be a favorite of my little granddaughters too. I especially love their bright red smackers.

 The pocket on the front has the same orange piping surrounding it as the line that sets apart the top bodice from the smocked piece.
The back of the dress is drawn up with elastic to make it adapt to the small little backs that it must fit around. (I am watching a rendition of Mansfield Park right now, so I am perhaps sounding a little 19th century British as I write.)
I waited to enter these pictures for want of receiving a picture with the little Ellery wearing it, but I thought I'd now go ahead anyway. Maybe later.
(Update: When we went to SoCal for Thanksgiving, Cossette wore this cute little dress. Below are a couple pictures from that day.)
 Her from the back showing off the fancy hair bow I made to go with the dress.
Now the cute little 3 year old is telling quite a story, and we can see the front of the dress pretty well.


  1. So - is the smocking done by hand? And...are the fishes "smocked" in by hand? This is so darling.

    1. Yes, all done by hand. Turned out cute, huh?