Monday, March 9, 2009

Back to Reality

I haven't been keeping up with my normal ADL's this past week or two (or even three). If you aren't familiar with the acronym it stands for "activities of daily living". My degree is in nursing and ADL's are in reference to a patient and their ability to go back to normal life as they lived it before their illness, etc.  I say this in reference to the fact that I have been busy with other than normal things this past couple weeks.

I did help Kathryn, Austin and Ellery move into their new cute little apartment. It is way bigger than their home in our pool house, so they will be able to spread out a bit more. We upholstered their dining room chairs and prepared for last weeks blessing 2 weeks ago. Then this past week we moved boxes each day while painting a cute yellow nursery for Ellery. Saturday we finished and organized in what I think was record time and a pretty easy move for the Husband, Sister-in- law, Brother, and Father involved. Good job Kathryn!!

So this week it's back to the basics. I'll do a little reorganizing. Maybe take out the paper crafting from the main front bedroom and put it back out in the pool house now that no-one is staying out there permanently.  I have used half of the walk-in-closet for this purpose in the past and I think it'll free up the space in the main house nicely.  I tend to lose things in the little closet and when I try to find a particular item (like a scalloped paper punch or purple card stock) I have to move 7 boxes out onto the bed where they stay until I decide to clean them up 
2 days later.

I'll also finish the Easter dresses I've been working on and move the sewing cabinets back into their rightful place in the den/bedroom/ Michael study room. Perhaps I'll even get to organizing that room a little as well.

My knitting buddies are celebrating two birthdays this week at a nice little restaurant that serves tea.  Elisa is 60 and Jean 70 so we all thought it would be nice to celebrate with them.

The beautiful Nor Cal rain has turned to sun this Monday morning and so I'll share a little of that with you. The top pix has daffodils in the foreground. They were my first favorite flower. I remember holding a bouquet of them for my kindergarten program while I sang "Easter Parade" up on the big stage at Orchard Elementary School in Grand Junction, CO.  Jeff Rigg, my neighbor and best friend, sang it with me. I never went to that grade school, but our private kindergarten that was called "The Doll House Kindergarten" with Mrs. Allen as the teacher must've rented 
it for the big program. In those days elementary schools included grades 1 through 6. Was that in 1964? 

Later, I remember making a poster featuring a type of daffodil for the first "Earth Day" in probably 1971. I'll bet I could find that poster up in my attic.

The next picture has some beautiful yellow orchids as well as another favorite of mine, after visiting the Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island in Canada, Cineraria. They make an often shady spot colorful and gorgeous.

Okay...onward and upward.


  1. I'm fond of daffodils, too, though I wish they lasted longer. Have you ever read "The Daffodil Principle" by Jaroldeen Aspleen Edwards? I would guess you have, but if not, I recommend it highly.

    Happy almost Spring!


  2. "The Daffodil Principle" is now on my to do list.