Saturday, May 16, 2009

Getting Ready to GO

I have been asked to help with CRAFTS at "Girls Camp" this summer. It is in one month, right after the kids get out of school.  

This is one of the paper color waves that I found on sale. Cute huh?

There are two of us involved in the planning and I told my partner I had to get the main plan and materials figured out this week so I can relax next week during an amazing anniversary trip.

Our theme at camp this year is "The SS Friendship."

The 3 main crafts are going to be:
          1. Friendship Bracelets
    2. CD Folder Mini Photo Albums
             3. Temple Etched Mirrors

I am putting together the paper for the albums. I got 3 different color waves that the girls will be able to choose from and I'll do some initial cutting of paper and then they can mix and match for some creative differences. We will also do some photography, editing, and printing so we can send them home with a finished product.

I'm sure they will love all 3 projects and they also can make an assortment of other things that are in our supplies, such as lip gloss, shrinky dinks, feather/flower pens, bead work, jewelry, etc.

We have the main supplies already purchased and so I can now get ready to GO on my special trip next week!

This is one of the examples. I found it on my friends "Stampin Up" site.

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  1. cute paper! good start but too bad girl's camp takes hours and hours and hours and hours and days and days and days and days. keep it goin!