Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Job

I went shopping for invitation ideas for a party to be thrown for my friend Carolyn's sister.
Carolyn has great taste, so I tried to just let her take the lead on what she wanted, and I was trying to give her ideas and available materials to use for the invite.
There are so many great papers and stores to get them, but sometimes the manufactures don't make the one(s) that I have in my mind. I do the some thing when I'm shopping for clothes and want a particular color and style. I guess I just will have to become the next Vera Wang. Then I can just throw out ideas and my "team" will just whip them up.

We settled on beautiful pastels in sparkly paper, with ripped mulberry off white paper thrown in between the layers. We added a small sand dollar to a ribbon running along the bottom of the invite.
Kathryn addressed them in her beautiful hand and they turned out pretty elegant.
Woo Hoo!!

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  1. ready for you to pick up whenever. i want to see the finished product~