Sunday, May 3, 2009

More BABY Sweaters

I figured out how to take a picture using my computer cam and these are a result. Most of them turned out pretty good, so perhaps that will be another way to add pictures to my blog.  I do like using the Nikon 200 and have been learning more about its use, so that is still my primary media provider. I also need to figure out how to do a collage at some point.This is a little "Feather and Fan" baby sweater and hat that I made out of a silk/wool fingering weight yarn that is wonderful to work with.  The lacy pattern works up super fast, and I'm going to make another one in just lavender. I made one last year as well. I don't think I've made anything 3 times before except the felted wool slippers, socks for different people, and felted wool purses that knit up so quickly.
You can find more specifics here.
I continued helping my DIL paint their new rental house this week. She and her little helpers painted every square inch of this needy house except one bedroom which had just been painted in the past couple years. I hope she posts before and after pictures because the change is dramatic. She has really turned this humble abode into a home. I just helped for about 4 of the days, but she had a crew going for 2 weeks before they moved in this past weekend. Good job gals and guys!!! Check it out here.


  1. I can't believe you can whip those sweet things out so fast, how fun to have such a skill! Can't wait to see pics of the Hodgman abode.

  2. as always, very cute mum. thought you were gonna blog about that bomb diggity potato/cheese soup...