Thursday, April 23, 2009

MY Bi-weekly "Walk"

Before I got picked up by Debbie, Obie and Kyle for my walk this morning, I decided that I needed to show the beautiful roses next to our driveway. There are 9 healthy bushes of tea roses and the first bloom of the year is always the best. This light pink one is huge and fragrant, but the orange behind it is really what makes the olfactory nerve go nuts. In bloom citrus is heavenly.
After dropping Kyle off at school, we went to the parking lot off College Ave. (where we aren't supposed to park,) and met Carolyn and Laurie. We headed up the hill, through the neighborhood, and to the Jones Creek trail head.
Manzanita trees are so cool.
...and the California Coastal Oaks are amazing.  
No, but they really are. AMAZING !!!

So is Lexington Reservoir. Don't you agree?

But the reason that I brought my camera along on this beautiful morning is because when be were here at the beginning of the week, this hill was ablaze with little, bright, purple lupine.

It looks better in person. I'm getting a little more knowledgeable about this fabulous camera that my husbando gave me when I bought him a new one for Christmas, but not so good as he is. I am still definitely a novice.

From the top of St. Joseph Hill looking out toward a smoggy San Jose. (it is a "spare the air" day because it's been so warm and windless)

California Poppies aren't too shabby either. Such a bright fun color. (My favorite crayon was orange-yellow when I was in 1st and 2nd grade.) 

More huge Coastal Oaks, and then a good drink of water for Obie in the neighborhood on the way back to the cars.
I love LOS GATOS. Aren't I lucky to be able to do this so often? Thanks HUN!


  1. Love the white picket fence and flower photo. Would look very nice matted and framed!

  2. What a great walk with some awesome friends! BTW, isn't "Hun" the way "Atilla" wrote his name? :)