Sunday, April 5, 2009


I have been making Ukrainian Easter eggs for about 28 years  now.  

This particular egg is a goose egg and has symbols of rebirth (resurrection), love of God, abundance, productivity, eternal life, and Mary's tears.

I learned all about this art when I was looking for a meaningful decoration surrounding this very important holiday  when our family was in its first years. 

All of the symbols and colors on the eggs represent something of Deity, values, or good wishes for the recipient, and it has always been my pleasure to share this with those I care about and want to share my beliefs with.

Here are Kathryn and I decorating a few eggs on this Palm Sunday while we listen to our church's semi-annual "General Conference."

She hasn't tried making these for at least 10 years, because I think she was discouraged the last time she tried. (a bit of a perfectionist) 

Her eggs looked beautiful this year as she has a little more time and patience. 

Making Psyanky has been a delicate yet enjoyable part of our families Easter season.

My young children have been cried upon when they broke an egg, and I have broken a few myself. After spending hours on a particularly fancy egg, it is pretty traumatic if it breaks. It is, however, just an egg.


Here are a few more examples of some of my creations. 

My mother even has some that I made the first year I tried it in 1981. 

I, however, lost those to breakage or friends many years ago.


  1. Oh my word these are so beautiful! You are so crafty and talented, those details are so teeny tiny, how do you do it? I'm sure I would squish the fragile egg right away.

  2. My dear Aunt June gave me a great egg holder to display them in years ago. It matches my newly remodeled living/dining room in a light seafoam color.
    They are batiked by waxing with a hot funnel of beeswax, then dyeing, waxing, dyeing, etc. ,melting the wax off, varnishing and wah lah....

  3. Those are exquisite, Vicki. What treasures for you and your family! They look amazing, and I love that the marks are symbolic.

    Very cool.

  4. If you ever have chance to teach this, put me on your list. Fantastic... and the symbolism makes them a true treasure.

  5. These are absolutely gorgeous!

  6. VK, I am so glad you came by and left a comment on my site as I had misplaced your site address. Guess I need to figure out blog roll stuff like everyone else ;) Your eggs are SO SO exquisite. I have read about these for years but never knew anyone who'd actually made them. Maybe you could give your friends and friends of friends a little class sometime :) Thanks for sharing these, they are so lovely.