Sunday, April 12, 2009

"In Your Easter Bonnet"

  3 years old

   3 months

   14 months

What wonderful daughter and daughter-in-law I have. Kathryn and Kara took their children to get a great picture taken for me. 

I have been working on Easter dresses for the 3 adorable granddaughters in the last couple of months, and today they all came to church with us for the big holiday. They were all dressed in their cotton pastel smocked dresses, and I had no batteries in my camera. The lousy batteries were being charged on the counter next to my computer and didn't do me any good at all.

Ellery's dress was made before I started a blog, so I failed to take photos while under construction. It has a little smocked bonnet, and short diaper cover. The dress is in a bishop yoke style, which means it is gathered all the way around the neckline/sleeves in one big circle. It is Robins Egg Blue (light green), Swiss Nelona cotton and is quite the beautiful fabric. I smocked it in the same greenish thread with peach colored bullion roses. I gave it to Kathryn for her baby shower several months ago and just had to add a couple of touches this month.

This little pink dress is for 1 year old Lena and was smocked in a honeycomb pattern with bullion roses and granito dots in the design. This dress also has a lot of french val cotton lace in the sleeves, neckline and hemline. The pink Sea Isle cotton feels like butter, has a beautiful sheen. I hope it's not too much of a pain to iron for Kara because I'm thinking David isn't going to do that anytime soon.

This yellow cotton batiste is Lexy's dress and it has quite puffy short smocked sleeves and a big bow in the back.

I smocked them all with light pastels in tone on tone to keep them dressy instead of casual.

I loved making these for my sweet Lexy, Lena, and Ellery.


  1. Vicki! I'm glad you found me. The blogs are fantastic and yours is adorable. I love the little Easter dresses. I've been venturing into the sewing world a little myself.

    Your family is growing like crazy. It's definitely been a while. I'll be in touch.

  2. Your granddaughters are adorable! And the dresses are heaven. You just can't buy an Easter dress like that anymore. (Love the baby's bonnet, too.)


  3. glad you liked the pic. that's a lot to ask of a photographer! a 3 year old, 3 month old, & 14 month old who was sick & stitched! the dresses are perfection! i knew i wanted that bonnet. hehe/

  4. Oh my, these dresses are so gorgeous. (Not to mention the girls who are in them!) What treasures for your family, to keep and pass on to the next generation :)